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5 Heated Motorcycle Gloves To Keep Your Hands Toasty All Winter

The poet George Herbert once wrote that “Every mile is two in the winter.” If you’ve gone riding in cold weather without good gear, we’ll wager you’ve got a pretty firm understanding of what he’s getting at there. 

Of course ol’ George was born long before the dawn of our beloved two-wheeled travel, and even longer before the invention of one of motorcycling’s guiltiest pleasures: The heated motorcycle glove. 

Say what you will about heated gear, but we’ve never heard anyone complain about having toasty hands on a cold wet day. To that end, we believe that winter riding gloves are great but heated gloves are much better. So if you’re of a mind to spoil yourself during the cold weather riding season, here are my five best pairs of heated motorcycle gloves to get through it.


Highway 21 Radiant Heated Gloves

Best value and features to handle the majority of needs from winter riders out there. With 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation, these guys work double duty with the battery, keeping your hands nice and toasty for even longer rides. However, ultimately they are wireless which means you have about 4 hours of battery life.

Like I said, fits most people looking for heated gloves as most people do shorter rides; however, if you are going into harsh environments for extended periods of time and need your hands toasty through and through then the wired Gerbing 12V Vanguard is your set.

The Quick List of Heated Motorcycle Gloves

  1. Joe Rocket 7V Rocket Burners – Best budget heated motorcycle gloves for first-time buyers
  2. Highway 21 Radiant – Extra warm thanks to added Thinsulate insulation
  3. Alpinestars HT-5 Heat Tech Drystar– CE-certified protection along with great feel/dexterity.
  4. Gerbing 12V Vanguard – 12V connection = unlimited heat
  5. Hotwired 12V Liner – Works with the gloves you already own

Joe Rocket 7V Rocket Burner Leather Gloves

Pound for pound, the Joe Rocket 7V Rocket Burners are probably the best heated motorcycle gloves for 99% of first-time buyers. Their combination of safety, affordability, and ease of use make them an effortless plug-and-play for your cold weather rides.

Safety-wise we’re big fans of the Rocket Burners because where many options out there are essentially just rebranded ski gloves, the Burners are died-in-the-wool motorcycle gloves. They’re built entirely from a full-grain leather exterior. Combine that with sport added foam impact protection on the fingers, and even include an added layer of hard polyurethane armor over the knuckles for good measure. 

As far as the heating aspect goes, we love the Burners because they use a pair of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They’re quick to charge, stash down into the cuff of the glove, and deliver three selectable levels of heat for up to four hours of heat per charge. 

They also feature a HiPora liner along the interior. Which is fully waterproof but also reasonably breathable. The extra layers add a little bulk to the overall package, which means feel at the bars isn’t the best.

But if retaining feeling in your fingers what you’re after, these gloves deliver the goods without breaking the bank. 

The only major caveat we’ll throw in here is that because the Burners use rechargeable batteries rather than a direct connection to your bike’s battery, they’re not the sort of thing you’d want to depend on for an all-day ride in cold weather.

However, they pack plenty of juice for your average commuter (the low setting delivers around 4 hours of juice, while the warmest setting drains at about 2 hours in our experience).


  • Solid value
  • Rechargeable batteries included
  • Great all-around safety/protection features


  • Limited runtime per charge
  • Bulky/vague feel on controls
  • Batteries can feel heavy/awkward
Joe rocket 7V Burner Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Joe Rocket 7V Rocket Burners Gloves


2. Highway 21 Radiant Heated Gloves

While the Burners above are a great option for your average rider, they’re lacking one crucial element for the coldest days: Insulation. 

Insulation is what makes a traditional pair of winter motorcycle gloves worth buying in the first place, and it’s a great perk to have if you want your gloves to keep performing once their batteries lose their charge. That’s where these gloves from Highway 21 come into play. 

For all intents and purposes, you could consider the Highway 21’s nearly identical to the Burners above, albeit with an added 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation stuffed into each glove. This further boosts their total warming capacity and heat retention, which makes them a better option both for more intense cold and longer trips that may last extend beyond than the limits of battery life. 

You’ll have to shell out a few extra bucks for the upgrade, but all things considered we think they’re well worth the asking price. You’re still getting all the perks of the Rocket’s above including a leather chassis, extra padding and armor, identical battery life, and a waterproof breathable liner, but the added versatility of synthetic insulation is smart buy anyway you look at it. 


  • Extra warm thanks to added Thinsulate insulation
  • Waterproof/breathable liner
  • Rechargeable


  • Bulky/vague feel at controls
  • Limited runtime from batteries

Highway 21 Radiant Heated Gloves


3. Alpinestars HT-5 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves

If you’re down to splurge on a truly premium pair of heated motorcycle gloves, the HT-5 Heat Techs from Alpinestars are by far the mittens to beat. This is a compromise-free glove with a price tag to match, but if you’re serious about your cold-weather riding, nothing else can match their performance. 

The biggest standout feature of the HT-5 is their excellent dexterity at the controls. Where most heated riding gloves are too big and bulky to get any good feedback through the bars. Alpinestars blessed the HT-5 with a premium goat leather palm to ensure your comfort doesn’t come at the cost of performance. 

Riding during Fall in Oregon requires either tough hands or heated motorcycle gloves.
Oregon is beautiful in the fall but the rain and cold makes me glad I brought my heated motorcycle gloves.

Apart from their excellent feel, there’s a lot more to love about these gloves. For instance, the Alpinestars HT-5 is one of the only heated motorcycle gloves on the market that still achieves a CE-certified safety rating thanks to their double-stiched construction, beefy palm slider, and added protection at the fingers and knuckles. 

We’re also big fans of the HT-5’s approach to heating, which uses 80g of Primaloft Gold insulation (arguably the best in the business) on each glove for outstanding heat retention over the long haul. You’ll still get an average life of 2-4 hours per charge out of the batteries depending on which of the three heat settings you choose. But the HT-5 makes the most out of said power using high-durable and highly-efficient enameled heating yarns throughout the glove. 


  • CE certified protection
  • Great feel/dexterity at the controls
  • Premium materials and construction


  • Expensive
  • Same battery life as less expensive options

Alpinestars HT-5 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves


4. Gerbing 12V Vanguard Heated Gloves

If you know you need a glove for all-day rides, you just can’t beat a traditional 12V system. By plugging directly into your bike’s battery/wiring harness, you’re guaranteed as much heat as you can stand for as long as you’ve got gas in the tank. 

The Gerbing Vanguard is currently our favorite 12V option, and by far the warmest glove we’ve seen on the market. Part of that is due to their maximum heat output of a toasty 135 degrees, but these gloves are also backed with a burly 150 grams of Thinsulate insulation. Which is then topped off with a premium cowhide leather chassis for outstanding heat retention and wind resistance. 

What’s even more impressive here is that although the Vanguards come in well under the $200 mark. They also include an impressive dose of safety tech. For your money you’re getting name-brand Superfabric reinforcement along the palm and edge of the glove, TPU knuckle protection, and additional gel padding at the palms for comfort and impact resistance. 

Truth be told the only major downside to these heated motorcycle gloves is that like most 12V systems, you’ll need a heat controller and battery harness to put them to use. That’ll typically set you back another $50-$100 depending on which option you choose. But also opens up the possibility of adding other heated gear like vests, pants, and even insoles for your boots.


  • Affordable yet extremely effective
  • 12V connection = unlimited heat
  • High-quality materials
  • Respectable protection features


  • Heat controller etc. sold separately
  • Reliant on motorcycle’s power

Gerbing 12V Vanguard Heated Gloves


5. Hotwired 12V Heated Motorcycle Glove Liner

Looking for the easiest and most affordable way to get into heated gloves? Look no further than the Hotwired 12V heated glove liners, a slim-fitting heated base layer that slides under the gloves you already own for some added warmth. 

We love the Hotwired liners because while they come in well under the $100 mark, they just plain work. All you need to do is run the included wiring directly to your bike’s battery, plug the gloves in, and hit the road. 

Hotwired’s approach to heated gear is definitely on the simple side, as these gloves only deliver a constant (non-switchable, non-adjustable) 90 degrees of heat whenever you plug them in, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. With no batteries to charge, no controllers to buy, and no complicated wiring to master, this is a simple yet effective method to keep your hands and fingers toasty all winter long. 

Yeah I’m a poser, but at least my hands are warm, unlike some of the Pioneers who used to ride these wagons. Another shot from my recent trip around Oregon.

Note that we said both hands and fingers, which is another highlight of these affordable heated glove liners. Hotwired runs a super-durable alloy filament around every finger in the glove for consistent heat across your hand, which solves one of the single largest complaints we see with many heated motorcycle gloves. 

The main drawback to keep in mind here is that Hotwired’s standard 90 degrees of output isn’t nearly as warm as some of the more expensive options with adjustable heat controllers. That means their effectiveness will largely depend on the gloves you pair them with.

So we highly recommend an insulated and windproof cold-weather gauntlet for best results. 


  • Works with the gloves you already own
  • Affordable
  • Delivers heat all the way around your hands and fingers


  • Heat is limited and non-adjustable
  • Requires a little extra room in your existing gloves

Hotwired 12V Heated Motorcycle Glove Liner


Hope this helped you find the right heated motorcycle gloves for you.

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