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5 Adventure Motorcycle Pants That Will Go The Distance

Adventure riding is a demanding pursuit. Some mornings we wake up at high elevations to cold wet rains only to find ourselves cruising along a sunny beach by the afternoon. Some days we stick to pavement, others we may not see a paved road from sun up to sun down. Riding like this requires some awfully versatile gear, which is why a proper pair of adventure motorcycle pants is the right tool for the job.

Different riders need different things out of motorcycle pants. Desert riders, for instance, have little use for waterproofing, but need all the ventilation they can get in the hot sun. Turn that same rider loose to explore down in Patagonia, on the other hand, and they’ll find themselves needing gear that quite literally does it all. With that broad spectrum of riders in mind, here are our favorite adventure motorcycle pants for every type of outing on any budget.

β€” πŸ‘‰ TOP PICK β€”

Klim Badlands Pro pants thumbnail.

Klim Badlands Pro Pants

These bad boys are designed to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws your way, from scorching deserts to torrential downpours. With unmatched durability and weatherproofing, including a Gore-Tex membrane, they keep you dry and comfortable in any conditions.

So far I have put 3 solids years on these pants and they are easily my primary pant on most of my long adventure rides.

The Quick List of Adventure Motorcycle Pants

  1. Klim Badlands Pro Pants – Best of the bunch for quality, features and safety.
  2. Scorpion EXO Yosemite Pants– Great budget option with a lot of the top features.
  3. Rev’It Peninsula Pants – Great ADV pants for those looking for more MX style.
  4. Klim Carlsbad Pants– For those wanting the quality from Klim but do not want to pay the premium for the Badlands Pro.
  5. Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar – Great 4-season riding pants if you’re on a budget.

5 Best Adventure Motorcycle Pants

Here is a list with pros and cons on some of the gear that are top of it’s class.

1. Klim Badlands Pro

Of all the adventure motorcycle pants we’ve tested, nothing quite compares to the Klim Badlands Pro. There’s nothing these pants don’t do well from long miles on the interstate to technical offroad riding any time, any place.

As is the case with the rest of the Klim Badlands series, Klim cut no corners here in terms of material quality and construction. The main chassis is made from a combination of ripstop panels, which range from a 630D Karbonite in the highest wear areas to a lighter 200D fabric in less vulnerable places to keep bulk to a minimum.

Me wearing the Badlands Pro adventure motorcycle pants while riding in the Mojave Desert.
“Testing out the Badlands Pro adv moto pants out in the Mojave Desert”

The knees are covered with ceramic-infused Superfabric for unmatched abrasion resistance, and leather is used on the inside of the knees like a proper motocross pant for optimal grip and feel on the bike.

Additional crash protection comes courtesy of Klim’s Aero Pro D3O armor in the knees and hips, earning the Badlands Pro adventure motorcycle pants an impressive CE AA safety rating. The Badlands’ adjustable ventilation is another highpoint here, as we’ve found the six adjustable vents flow enough air for the dead of summer, but can also be zipped shut for colder weather rides. Weather protection is also top-notch thanks to a premium three-layer Gore-Tex membrane.

My bud and I motorcycling Vietnam while wearing my Badlands Pro adventure motorcycle pants.
The badlands pro even handle the variable hot & cold and sometimes wet weather of Northern Vietnam.

We’ve put thousands of miles on these pants with zero complaints. They do everything well, last forever, and keep you dry and protected in the most remote environments. All this performance and tech will cost you a pretty penny, of course, but it’s an investment that will deliver the goods for untold years to come.

Klim Badlands Pro pants close up.

The Good 🀩

  • Outstanding protection and material quality
  • Ventilation works great even in hot weather
  • Premium three-layer Gore-Tex waterproofing

The Not So Good πŸ˜”

  • Expensive

2. Scorpion EXO Yosemite Pants

Scorpion is known for making solid gear at budget prices, and their Yosemite line of adventure motorcycle pants delivers a ton of performance for half the money (or even a third) of the competition.

Right off the bat, the Scorpion Yosemite nails all the basics: They’re rugged and protective with a 500D nylon chassis and insanely tough 1680D nylon reinforcements in key areas, they’re rain-friendly thanks to a removable waterproof liner, and they flow plenty of air with pass-through front and rear vents on both thighs. The Yosemite pants also come standard with flexible Sas-Tec CE level 2 armor in the knees, which uses a velcro outer panel for easy adjustments and optimal fit.

The crew and I taking a group picture outside our homestay before we ride more of Vietnam.

We’re also impressed by the overall quality of construction in the Yosemite’s outer shell. Scorpion uses high quality YKK zippers throughout these adventure motorcycle pants, and those on the exterior are even given a waterproof urethane coating for optimal rain protection. All the velcro adjustments are plus-sized and feel extra secure, as does the waist closure, which uses double metal clasps rather than the simple snaps found on most pants.

You’ll get a few tradeoffs here to cut cost of course, and the most notable for us is the waterproofing system. Scorpion’s proprietary “AirGuard” system is both water and windproof, but it’s also a standalone removable liner that adds bulk and isn’t nearly as breathable as a laminated Gore-Tex system.

It gets the job done, but you’ll have to stop and strip down to take it on and off as the weather changes. We’ll also point out that while Scorpion does include padding at the hips of the Yosemite, it’s a basic sheet of foam rather than a proper piece of armor, so you’ll have to spend a few more bucks if you want to upgrade.

Scorpion EXO Yosemite adventure motorcycle pants.

The Good 🀩

  • Great price
  • Solid protection on or offroad
  • Waterproof and well ventilated

The Not So Good πŸ˜”

  • Removable waterproof liner rather than laminated
  • Hip armor not included

3. Rev’It Peninsula Pants

There’s nothing quite like the ventilation and flexibility a pair of dedicated motocross pants deliver, but if you’ve ever worn a pair for adventure duty (we’re guilty ourselves), you know they just fall short when it comes to utility. We love the Rev’it Peninsula adventure motorcycle pants because they take everything you want in an off-road only pair of trousers, and add in everything you wish you had for proper dual sport riding.

On the off-road side, you’re getting the same in-the-boot fit, lightweight feel, and added flexibility from stretch panels at the calf, crotch, and knees. Cowhide panels line the inside of the legs for increased grip on the bike, as do dual swatches of Rev’It’s “sure grip” fabric in the seat of these adventure motorcycle pants, which keep your butt planted when you’re on the gas sitting down.

The crew and I riding dirt in Central Oregon.

As for the dual sport/adventure-oriented features, Rev’It nails them all. The Peninsulas are made from tough 750D ripstop Cordura fabric, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them out after a single season. You’ll also get two cargo pockets at the hips for storing quick-access essentials, and plenty of ventilation from the Peninsula’s dual zippered thigh vents and added perforation above the knees and crotch.

These adventure motorcycle pants also secure a CE AA safety rating with Rev’It’s level 1 Seesmart armor in the hips and knees, and there’s room for proper knee braces if you want to swap out the included armor.

There are two downsides to these pants: The first is that they’re more expensive than typical premium off-road trousers. Granted, you’re paying for premium plus street protection here, but there’s still a notable difference in price.

Our second complaint is that there’s zero weatherproofing to speak of here. That’s pretty standard for an “in the boot” style pant, but we’d like to see a DWR fabric treatment at minimum to help shed light rain and splashed mud and water out on the trail.

Rev'it Peninsula adventure motorcycle pants.

The Good 🀩

  • MX flexibility with road-worthy protection
  • Extra beefy Cordura fabric for longevity
  • Excellent ventilation

The Not So Good πŸ˜”

  • No weather protection
  • Expensive

4. Klim Carlsbad Pants

If you’re digging the Klim Badlands Pro above but aren’t looking to make quite as steep an investment, the Klim Carlsbad adventure motorcycle pants retain Klim quality and durability with a more budget-conscious approach.

The Carlsbad pants share a fair amount of their DNA with the Badlands: The chassis is made from the same rugged fabric as the Badlands, the knees are still lined with high-quality goatskin leather, and the Carlsbad even pulls down the same CE AA safety rating with flexible D3O level 2 armor in the knees and hips.

Ventilation is still fantastic as well, and while the Carlsbad can’t quite match the Badlands’ six-vent system, they do feature four sizable vents with dual intake and exhaust ports along the thighs. You’re still getting Gore-Tex brand waterproofing as well, so these adventure motorcycle pants are guaranteed to keep you dry for the life of the garment.

Your main tradeoff between the Klim Carlsbad and the top-of-the-line Badlands Pro is the material quality. Don’t get us wrong, you’re still getting seriously tough stuff here, but at this price you’ll miss out on the Badlands’ ceramic-infused Superfabric and optimized multi-density layout for reduced bulk. You’ll also trade the Badland’s cream of the crop three-layer Gore-Tex membrane for a simpler Gore-Tex performance shell, so it won’t breathe quite as well, but hey, it’s still Gore-Tex.

Klim Carlsbad adventure motorcycle pants.

The Good 🀩

  • Klim quality for less money
  • Excellent crash protection
  • Gore-Tex waterproofing

The Not So Good πŸ˜”

  • Not quite as breathable as Badlands
  • Less tech-focused material selection

5. Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar

Alpinestars’ Andes line is another favorite of ours that fits any budget, and the latest iteration of the Andes V3 pants delivers great bang for your buck. The biggest selling point here for us is that although these adventure motorcycle pants sport an impressively low price point, they’re versatile enough for four-season use.

Weatherproofing comes courtesy of Alpinestars’ own proprietary Drystar technology, which means the Andes function as a performance shell without the need for a separate waterproof liner. They also throw in a full-length thermal liner at no added cost, so these pants transition well into the colder shoulder seasons too.

As far as materials go the Andes motorcycle pants share the same durable polyester chassis as the popular Andes V3 jacket, as well as the same tough 600D polyester reinforcement panels around and inside the knees. Additional abrasion resistance is added to the knees using polymer-printed texturing, which is layered over Alpinestars’ CE level 1 Bio Flex armor for impact protection. Alpinestars also upgraded the Andes’ direct ventilation system for the V3 model, which adds easy-to-use snaps at the mouth of each vent to hold them open for optimal airflow.

The Andes V3 marks a considerable improvement over the outgoing model, but the main drawback of these pants is that they’re still a budget option at heart. Similar to the Scorpion Yosemite pants above, you’ll find no leather panels inside the knees for added grip and durability, and you’ll also have to shell out for Alpinestars’ Bio Flex hip armor if you want the added protection as they’re not included in the price. We definitely prefer the Andes’ standalone Drystar laminate over a removable waterproof liner, but that added breathability is an absolute necessity considering the fairly basic two-port ventilation scheme of these pants.

The Good 🀩

  • Affordable four-season performance
  • Removable thermal liner included
  • Standalone Drystar waterproof membrane

The Not So Good πŸ˜”

  • No leather sections inside knees
  • Drystar waterproofing isn’t the most breathable
  • No hip armor included

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Thanks for reading. I hope you found the right adventure motorcycle pants for your next adventure!

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